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Puzzy (Bit Corporation) - Open Sesame (Grid)
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Detailed Game Information - Atari 2600 Module

TV format Rarity  Cart  CiB Last changed
Gametitle Open Sesame Class Official release
Company Puzzy (Bit Corporation) Genre Arcade
Series Grid Max. player 1
Cartridge shell Standard Controller Joystick
Serial number PG204 Programmer
UPC code Manual
Year 1982 Screenshot
Country - Europe md5 Hash / Size 8786f4609a66fbea2cd9aa48ca7aa11c (4K)


Company Information

Puzzy was a trademark of the Bit Corporation. The Taiwanese company distributed their original games under that label in Australia, Canada and Europe.

Relationship Information

Original Version 22 known copies Output

Bit Corporation
Open Sesame

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