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This project is focused mainly on Atari 2600 games and the difficulty of collecting them these days. Therefore we are trying to create the most accurate list of all games and their rarity values. In addition, we have expanded the database with games for other Atari consoles (7800, 5200 and XEGS) as well, but without any rating up to now.
At this time you will mainly find PAL games in our database. Gradually, however, many more NTSC games will be integrated.

Now we are already online for more than three years and still have joy in further developing the project. Since 2014 we've updated and expanded our page by adding new features and what is most important for being a collector with fresh, new and sometimes undiscovered games. We try to update our rarity ratings on a regular basis so please be patient and keep in mind that we are working on this project in our spare time. If you want to support us, feel free to send scans of your game boxes and/or cartridges, or other valuable information. This will be appreciated and we will upload them as soon as possible. The forum is still accessible only to a small group of members, who are employed with the task of rating the games.

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