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Rainbow Vision - Tom Boy (Standard)

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TV format Rarity  Cart  CiB Last changed
Gametitle Tom Boy Class Official release
Company Rainbow Vision Genre Arcade
Series Standard Max. player 1
Cartridge shell Standard Controller Joystick
Serial number SS-005 Programmer Crane, David
UPC code Manual
Year n/a Screenshot
Country - Australia Dump

Company Information


Rainbow Vision was a label of Rainbow Products Limited, Sydney Australia. They distributed pirated Atari 2600 games made by Suntek.Co, Taiwan. Rainbow Vision games has been only found in Australia and New Zealand so far.

Relationship Information

Original Version 28 known PAL copies Output

Pitfall! - Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure
Pitfall! [Activision]
Pitfall! [Activision]
Pitfall! [Activision]
Pitfall! [Activision]
Pitfall! - Abenteuer im Urwald [Activision]
Pitfall [Fantastic Game]
Tom Boy [Fantastic Game]
Treasure Hunting [Funvision]
Pitfall! [HES (Home Entertainment Suppliers)]
Pitfall! [HES (Home Entertainment Suppliers)]
Jungle Boy [Hi-Score (Action Hi-Tech)]
Tom Boy [Hot Shot (Goliath)]
Tom Boy [Hot Shot (Goliath)]
Pit Fall [Pitfall] [Mastergames]
Pitfall [Pet Boat]
Dschungel Boy [Quelle]
Dschungel Boy [Quelle]
Tom Boy [Rainbow Vision]
Pitfall [SpaceVision]
Tom Boy [Suntek]
Peetfal [Taiwan - 2600 Compatible]
Petfal [Taiwan - 2600 Compatible]
Pit Fall [Taiwan - 2600 Compatible]
Pit Fall [Taiwan - Cooper Black]
Pitfall! [Taiwan - Cooper Black]
Dschungel Boy [Hertie]
Pit Fall [Taiwan]
Pitfall! [Taiwan - Bootleg]

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