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Mystique - Bachelorette Party / Burning Desire (Double-Ender)
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Detailed Game Information - Atari 2600 Module

TV format Rarity  Cart  CiB Last changed
Gametitle Bachelorette Party / Burning Desire Class Official release
Company Mystique Genre Various
Series Double-Ender Max. player 1
Cartridge shell Standard Controller Joystick or Paddles (Tennis)
Serial number Programmer Martin, Joel H.
UPC code Manual
Year 1982 Screenshot
Country - Australia md5 Hash / Size /

Company Information

Mystique was an offshoot of the american based Caballero Control Corporation. Their pornographic games were sold under the "Swedish Erotica" banner due to marketing reasons. They quickly went out of business during the first year of the video game crash in 1983. The rights of their games were purchased by Playaround.

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