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29 » Xucaen
I would love to see a complete Cartridge list for the 400/800/xl/xe as well. Nice job on the site! Very nice.

28 » Matt Tajc
Love the site and willing to help out any way I can!!

27 » Bob Larner
Find this outstanding site by accident and I love it.

26 » Jason_Atari
Great resource, keep up the good work

25 » achtbits
Hi there.

I started a private cartridge collection database for myself some years ago, but never really finished it.
Nice to see this mainly PAL centric rarity database here.

It would be an awesome feature addition if it would be possible to create an account for your database and be able to mark individual cartridges as 'owned', so I could track the cartridges I own by using your database.


24 » Robbert Jansen
Great site guys!

Hope to see you soon again. Maybe all at Eurocon?

23 » Mangia-Boy
Absolut gro├čartige Seite!!!
Man merkt, Ihr liebt Euer Hobby.

22 » AtariGlobetrotter
Impressive work guys. The new "Relationship Information" feature makes it even more interesting.

21 » Philflound
Glad to see more sites dedicated to acquiring info for the collecting community.

20 » Serious
Great site.. This will be extremely helpful in my hunt for PAL only games and interesting PAL variations.
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